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ब्लॉग के अंतर्गत Creative Corner

Himachal Pradesh Cabinet Decisions.

Himachal Pradesh Cabinet meeting held on 2nd may 2020 was presided over by Chief ...

प्रविष्ट किया: 12 May 2020

अब घर बैठे करवाओ समस्या का समाधान

यदि आपके क्षेत्र में है कोई बड ...

प्रविष्ट किया: 22 Jul 2019

जनमंच : घरद्वार के समीप समस्याओं का समाधान

हिमाचल प्रदेश में अब जनता की स ...

प्रविष्ट किया: 22 Jul 2019

Swasthya Main Sehbhagita: Quality health facility will be available on the doorstep

In order to provide better health facilities in the rural areas of the state and ...

प्रविष्ट किया: 22 Jul 2019

Solution At The Door Step

If there is any major problem in your area and the related departments and offic ...

प्रविष्ट किया: 22 Jul 2019

Jan Manch a Success story

Himachal government is doing commendable work to solve the problems of the commo ...

प्रविष्ट किया: 22 Jul 2019