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Inviting your ideas & suggestions for clean Himachal.

Start Date: 20-02-2020
End Date: 20-03-2020

In view of growing menace of plastics waste, there is an urgent need to think for sustainable practices and prevent further environmental degradation being caused due to plastics ...

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In view of growing menace of plastics waste, there is an urgent need to think for sustainable practices and prevent further environmental degradation being caused due to plastics waste thrown indiscriminately everywhere. According to a rough estimate, about 60-65 MT plastics waste is being generated all over the State per annum ( 10% of total waste generated) out of which only 2-3 tonnes (0.5% of plastics waste) is disposed of safely and rest is found open in the environment mixed with Municipal Solid Waste. The State Government has though imposed ban on use of carry bags, thermocol cutlery and is also planning to ban one time use plastics such as spoons, forks, knives, cups, plates, glasses etc.but it only accounts for about 30-35% of total plastics used, and remaining 65-70% of plastics is being generated from packaging etc. which still remains a huge challenge and that's where public participation is needed and we are inviting your ideas and suggestion to make cleaner and better Himachal.if you have anything in mind which can improve the cleanliness in the state please do send us your ideas on MYGov Himachal Portal. This is open till 20 March 2020 you can send us your ideas till 20th March

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Rituraj 2 weeks 6 days ago

Suggestions for Plastic free State are: some the

* Plastic bottles with glass, Bamboo,steel
* Plastic bags with jute bags or paper bags or cotton
*Plastic plates, spoon, glass (single use plastic)
With steel, glass, bronze, banana leafs, walnuts
3 Separation of plastic and non plastic waste
4 Encourage people for use of non plastic articles
5 Strict rules and regulations
6 Accountability of the people
7 Punishments for rules violations


Dr Vijay Guleria 2 weeks 6 days ago

My suggestion are:
1. Encouragement of using clothing bag.
2. Use steel bottle instead of plastic bottles
3. Bamboo bottles can be used instead of plastic bottles.
4. Papper bag at subsidized rate should be provided.
5. Encourage industry to manufacture non plastic bags.
6. Tax on plastic packing material that tax can be used to plant more trees or taking this money on using environment savvy things.
7. Recycling
8. Strict rules and regulations.
9. Awareness in public.
Thnx all


Bhumit Joshi 3 weeks 2 hours ago

Hum 1 campaign start kar sakte hai ki jab bhi bazzaar kharidi karne ke liye jaye tab 100% saath ghar se 1/2 cloth bag saath leke hai naikle ,
1 sujav hai me nahi, hum. Tabhi ja ke kaam hoga
Plastic bag me jo kurkure aadi item multi hai un pe Ben lagana chahiye yaa hum iska istamal hi bandh karde
Jay Hind


kamal Kishore 3 weeks 3 hours ago

आज की तारीख में ज्यादातर जितना भी यह प्लास्टिक है
वो सिर्फ पैकिंग मटेरियल है।
उदाहरण के लिए - कुरकुरे, पानी की बोत्त्तल,
और जितने भी ये पैकिंग मटेरियल है। यह मुख्य वजह है इस प्लास्टीक पॉल्यूशन की,

इसका समाधान करना है तो ये पैकिंग की चिजो का कोई नया विकल्प त्यार करना होगा,
और उस नए विकल्प का सस्ता होना भी जरूरी है ताकि लोग और जो ये पैकिंग मैन्युफैक्चरर कम्पनी है यह इसे अपना सके।


NAIN PRAKASH 3 weeks 17 hours ago

सर्वप्रथम प्लास्टिक से मुक्ति के लिए प्लास्टिक के विकल्प की आवश्यकता है। जितनी भी प्लास्टिक की वस्तुएं हैं इन सब के लिए प्लास्टिक की ही तरह एक विकल्प हो जो सस्ता भी हो और टिकाऊ भी हो। और इस सब के लिए विश्व समुदाय लगा हुआ है। अभी प्लास्टिक से होने वाले प्रदूषण व इसकी हानि से बचने के लिए इसके सदुपयोग और इसके इक्कठा करने व रिसाइकिल करके इसके पुनरुपयोग की व्यवस्था की है। इसके लिए जनमानस में जागरूकता तथा कॉलेक्टिंग तथा रिसाइक्लिंग ढांचे की वेहद आवश्यकता है।


Abid Tharavattath 3 weeks 1 day ago

For house hold plastic reduction first of all Govt. should ban all types of plastic carry bags. People may be taught to sort different types of plastics reaching their home and ask them to keep in separate sacks or bins accordingly. These wastes should be collected by some Govt. authority regularly and may be sent to shredding units.Initially it may be charged but after a certain period houses with low quantity should be rewarded publicly.Along with these activities strict action from Govt reqrd


Mokshit Thakur 3 weeks 2 days ago

१. प्लास्टिक की बोत्त्लों को न कहें |
२. दुकान से सामान और सब्जियां लेने के लिए अपना कपडे का थैला ले जायें |
३. स्टील की बोत्त्लों को न कहें |
४. एक बार में एक ही इस करें खाएं |
५. प्लास्टिक के थैलों को न कहें |
६. नजदीकी किसान भाई से सब्जियां ख़रीदे |
७. ढाबों से खाना लेते वक्त अपना बर्तन ले जायें |
८. प्लास्टिक की थालियों को न कहें |