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Himachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board

Construction Worker means a person who works in any building or construction work as a skilled, semi-skilled or for manual, clerical work, supervisor or technical, salary or remuneration as mistry, painter, plumber, welder, electrician, carpenter, laborer and helper etc. fall in the category of workers. A person working in a managerial or administrative position does not come under the definition of supervisor building and other construction workers.
According to Section 2D of the Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996, building or other construction work means buildings, roads, roads, railways, tramways, airports, irrigation, drainage, flood control works, Rainwater drainage works, generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, water related works (including channels for distribution of water),, oil and gas installation related works, electric lines, wireless radios, televisions, telephones, wires and Overseas communication media, dams, canals, reservoirs, tunnels, pipes Lines, towers, cooling towers, transmission towers are included in the construction works.