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Himachal Tourism Department

Himachal Pradesh till the 19th century was limited to a limited movement of pilgrims only to some of the spiritual sites around the hills. When the British established their series of hill stations, tourism was recognized in the state. In 1864, when the British declared Shimla as the "Summer Capital of India", tourism in Himachal was opened up after independence due to more investment in infrastructure. However, tourism received the most boost in the mid-80s and 90s.
Today, Himachal has tourism as a major source of income for the state and its residents. The tourism department has made special efforts to break the meteorological factor. Various tourist products are being developed in all seasons to attract tourists. As a result, Himachal is now known as "a destination for all seasons and all reasons". In fact, the department has laid special emphasis on the development of activity-based tourism and opening of new sub-destinations. To promote tourism in rural areas and in unexplored areas, proper infrastructure is being developed with the available resources